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A highly technical submission grappling move requiring extreme fine tuning. Your opponent is face down with your knee crunched soundly against his now bleeding kidney. Your left hand is formed into a 2 fingered salute with which you reach over his head and up his nose, mercilessly cranking his head backwards, at the same time your right hand should have a vice like grip on his clacker sack which you drag between his arse cheeks, now with as much force as possible, drag the head and the clacker sack together whilst pushing the knee into the kidneys! As your opponent lets out an ear splitting squeal, you then complete the submission by yelling "Sweet Dreams Piggy!"(Neither is the submission complete nor may there be any tapping out until the this term has been shouted out!) naw I canny look, the Red Barron fae Bridgeton has been tapping like a blind man on speed for the past 5 minutes but Buster Gonads refuses to say "Sweet dreams piggy" and put him out of his misery!
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