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this is a so called 'woman' who looks like a man, and smells so bad! she sweats and also owns a fish and chip shop which doesnt help hide her not so sweet aroma!

she runs around her place of work as a team leader and steals peoples shifts, to earn more money to feed her fat piggy looking face!

but no amount of money in the world could hide the fishy pishy smell escaping from her sweaty fud!
if you see her, i would advise a gas mask- you then might be in with a chance of surviving the ordeal of coming into contact with her!
i had supervision today.....and i could of died when the smell of her sweaty fud circled the room!!

well, thats nothing......i heard someone left their job because of the smell of sweaty fud!

if you want a reason to keep everyone away from you....then hang about sweaty fud!
by walrus protection programme September 07, 2009
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