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A sub-group of the human female species defined by the ability to assume hottie status by donning a sweatshirt, usually emblazoned with the acronym for the local university. They are particularly common in Central Florida on the UCF campus, during the frigid winter months between November to January when temperatures plummet south of 85 degrees. The sweatshirt hottie ensemble typically comprises the requisite sweatshirt (hoodies are cuter), tight jeans that morph cellulite into a sexiness, a thick black belt and flip flops: after all, it is Florida. Sneakers are passable. Proper sweatshirt fit is crucial: it should obscure rolls and muffin tops, while suggesting the presence of large breasts. A more disheveled hairstyle adds to the effect: the sweatshirt hottie appears relaxed, vibrant, sexy and, due to the attire, vaguely or wholly athletic.
Note to be confused with a sweater hottie.
"This campus is great. Half-naked, tan, athletic girls all spring and summer, and sweatshirt hotties during the two seconds of winter."

by ucfryan November 13, 2007
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