A special kind of douche. When a person decides to wear a sweater LOOSELY around their neck, they are known as a sweaterdouche. To increase douchiness, one only has to pop a collared shirt whilst sweaterdouching to increase douche level.

For those who don't know, there are OTHER ways to wear a sweater.

1) Wear the sweater like a normal person. If you brought it, that means you should wear it.
2) Carry it. If it's too hot then just carry it. It's more manlier and makes you less of a douche.
3) Tie it around the waist. This is debatablely less douchey then a typical sweaterdouche, but the general consensus is that a sweater around your waist is LESS douchey than a sweater around your neck, but is STILL douchey. Be careful if you tie your sweater around your waist.
Steve was too hot, so he decided to be a sweaterdouche. He tied the sweater around his neck loosely, in order to show that he was fashionable, but still casual.

Eric felt like he could make his casual boaters getup more casual by sweaterdouching it up, adding a loosely tied sweater to his ensemble.
by sweaterdouche August 23, 2010
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