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1. n. Popularised by Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII in the final scene of The Tudors, season two, any food dish representing one's most gourmand culinary desires. (Rltd.: swan.)

2. v. The act of indulging in anything that qualifies as swan pie. (Rltd.: swanning, swanned.)

3. n. A baked pie of any type or variety, usually of the type made in or around the Elizabethan period, decorated by component parts of a swan that are still in tact, such as wings and head, giving the pie the appearance of a swan.
A: Dude, that's a $#!7load of food!
B: Yea bro, it's good swan pie.

C: What are you guys doing tonight?
D: Swanning some ayce sushi. What are you saying?
by Chrysostomos October 31, 2011
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