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taking an extremely big hit, preferably by using a steam roller. Bongs are acceptable. The hit will feel like an extremely large thc smoke is attacking your face, nostril, and throat. This causes 5 seconds of being stunned. Immediately following, you will see waves/levels of smoke in front of your face..thus resembling a swamp
we were passin it along smoothly until my friend sat stunned with a wierd look on his face, while smoke engulfed his face, he woke up and said "wow, that was a swamp hit"
by Spliffin Jones February 05, 2008
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To fully experience a swamp hit one must continue to fill the chamber of a steam roller or bong well after a full hit is already inside. It is important to remember that you should not look down while you are inhaling because upon looking at the chamber you may be frightened and pull away. This feeling is similar to that of climbing a mountain and being clam until you look down. To fully experience a true swamp hit, one must receive encouragement from friends to keep inhaling beyond what you feel is safe. One has two options: to either clear as much as you can and pass it, or clear the whole chamber which if done correctly should take multiple pulls from the brave individual who is about to be sent into an abyss of highness. The hit gets its name because in between clearing the chamber, smokes elevates into the individual's face and creates the experience the feeling of being in swamp. At this point the person may have difficult seeing the other members in the room and a feeling of shock (like a deer in the headlights) may overcome the individual. In the rare case when the entire chamber was inhaled, the person will lose consciousness for anywhere from one to six hours depending on the quality of the spleef and have difficulty recalling that the event took place.
After his two friends screamed clear it, he attempted to take the entirety of the swamp hit however due to its size the hit was broken into two pulls and after exhaling the second hit, the person was left immobile for several hours.
by Baron Von Spliff February 06, 2008
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