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The words "swamp hog" are used to describe, or rather to name a filthy creature found on the Colorado Front Range. Known to fornicate, the swamphog now has 2 offspring. While not elusive enough, the swamphog isnt known by many. Its advised to residence in the area to use severe caution, as the swamphog is HUNGRY. Known to jack $ to support its young, the swamphog is believed to still be thriving.
"I saw the swamp hog in a mafia suit. The nylon in the thighs had melted from friction."
by Peter*North October 16, 2007
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An extremely fat or obese woman with a very VERY hairy pubic area and with as The Doctor said, a beaver barrier. This term is best used to describe this type of fat woman when she's naked or almost naked.
Biologist/Zoologist Dr. Michael Hein and his group of 4 scientists were out exploring and studying the wildlife around the muddy banks and swampy areas of the Amazon River in South America, when he and his team were suddenly ambushed, attacked, and raped by a band of native swamp hogs.

Mark H. Contributing to Urban Dictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 01, 2004
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