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Main Entry: swa-goo-ple

Function: verb

Etymology: ?

Date: late 20th century

1: the act of swindling, usually with things of little or no value

2: when one performs the swagoople, see noun

Function: noun

3: the most ballin' fellatio move ever, it involves swirling the tongue around all angles of the male genitalia (high-fives)

Function: adjective

4: post-ejaculate, indifference
1: "God damn it, Brian fuckin' swagoopled all the straws in the house."

2: "Once I swagoople my man, he tastes colors."

3: "Dude, once she did the swagoople, I literally tasted colors."

4: "Once I came, I was swagoopled... She didn't look nearly as sexy covered in my seed."
by Steaming Pile Of Shit September 12, 2009
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