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an individual who is obsessed by all things that may relate to swag, such as: style, clothing, vocabulary, etc. Commonly refers to a person in a swagon, or swag bandwagon.

Such person can be identified with long Nike socks, cargo shorts or slim denims, Snapbacks, any sort of stylish watch, any shirt that usually relates to "Swag", "YOLO", or "YMCMB". They also tend to abuse the word "Swag" by overusing it in every sentence they say, post, or tweet.

An extreme swagoholic may tend to criticize others for their lack in swag. They also tend to think that nobody else has swag better than them.
Eddy: Dude, what's up with Victor? He randomly came up to me, looked at my new snapback and said if I needed any help he could help me out with my swag.

Joe: He's a swagoholic that's why. He thinks he knows swag, but he doesn't.


Eddy: Dude, Victor is a complete dickhead. He came up to me and said I have no swag just because I'm wearing basketball shorts with a snapback. What the fuck?

Joe: He's a swagoholic, he just thinks he's got the most swag at this school, but on the real, he's a fuckin' dumbass.
by Mr. Swaggerific August 01, 2012
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