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Combination of the two words, One overused and stupid word, Swag and the other word Don.

You are a Swaggadon if you are a don, with swag.
Guy1: Woah, That guy is such a swaggadon.

Guy2: Shame, I would have preferred him to have no swag.
by Sneakbo October 13, 2013
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Use of the word 'swag' and 'don' making a dinosaur/human type hybrid... A person who is a complete don when it comes to swagging at life, who wears hyped clothing such as Supreme and Palace and also often sporting a fresh looking new trim.
Girl 1 :"Wow look at that complete Swaggadon"
Girl 2 :"Omg, yeah he is a complete sort"
Girl 1: "He's definitely living the swag life"
by Blendedupswag June 02, 2017
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