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BOUJEE Asian people. Have the Nicest Clothes, Cars, Sidebag's(purse) Tatoo's, Shoes etc. Because their Parents are from China(most likely) Korea, Japan Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Philippines(small amount, many pinoy's) and own million, billion or trillion dollar companies. All other Asian Countries are pleb to Swagasian's. Likely live in Million Dollar Condo's in Ney York City, Los Angeles, Toronto & Vancouver, Mainly collecting in Vancouver and Toronto ( Downtown & Markham in Particular ). The Locals are not fans. Examples include, Rich Chigga, Rice Gum & Kevin Kwan. Often wearing Gucci, Channel, Elle, D&G, Prada and Louis Vuitton.
"Damn, that swagasian is looking fucking dope in his dad's audi wearing that Louis Shirt wit his Gucci Sidebag."

"Fucking swagasian took my spot in UofT cause his dad is a shareholder in Mercedes"
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by Dale Repton October 03, 2017
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