A genre of rap that is based on original appearance and behavior. The lyrics are usually meaningless, but often so random and pleasant sounding that you can't help but listen to them.
Lil B and Riff Raff are typical swag rappers.
by amphibian marauder April 7, 2012
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A popular style of rap characterized by its emphasis on swag, rather than lyrical creativity. It can usually be identified by its lack of talent and inspiration, awkward pauses during the verses, and excessive bragging.

Instead of actually possessing talent, these crappy rappers just brag about their money, cars, clothes, and their "swag".

Popular swag rappers include Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Kanye West, and others.
Examples: Lil Wayne's verse on Birdman's 100 Million dollars:

I wish I would switch.... I don't know how/
Blood gang swarm.... like a red ant pile/
Mean mug... like I can't smile/
Like my grill near cost me 100 thou

Notice how the spaced-out delivery and awkward pauses make the listener think Wayne is saying something cool.

Soulja Boy's remix of "Successful" also qualifies at Swag Rap with its slowly-delivered wack punchlines: "I like females that like to wear their toes out/ call me a fire hydrant... I bring the hoes out"

Once again, notice how his 3rd-grade delivery tricks the listener into believing that an object that a dog pisses on is actually something impressive.
by StormTrak December 1, 2009
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