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(literally "pork-eater" in Russian) this terms is

a term of insult (used exclusively by Jews and Muslims to insult other Jews and Muslims) for Jews and Muslims who eat pork/ham/ bacon in public and yet define themselves as Jews or Muslims when presenting themselves to other people.
Muslim in a Jerusalem park: Hey you russian Jew of a svinoyed, stop eating your damn ham/and cheese sandwich, you know that we are not only in the Holy Land, but G-ds Holy City .

Jew eating ham in the same park: oh shove off, here in Israel, Church and State are separate.

Muslim; Church and State in Israel were never separate, not since the end of The Crusades. and besides, do i have to teach you that Israel is supposed to be a Davidic Monarchy, so therefore again no secular svinoyed allowed?
by sexydimma December 29, 2012
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