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su·viq·ui·ty /soo 'vi-kwə-tē / (noun) The state of being surrounded by sport utility vehicles or minivans everywhere, as in heavy traffic.

su·viq·ui·tous / soo 'vi-kwə-təs / (adjective) 1. a seemingly endless line of SUVs, such as near a sporting event while parents watch their children play; 2. driving a large vehicle in the fast lane oblivious of the smaller cars trying to see around you.
1. I can't find a place to park because of the suviquity of soccer-mom vehicles taking up two spaces.

2. I can't even find my car in this suviquitous parking lot!

3. If the suviquitous driver in front of me would get stop texting and just drive, I might actually make it to work on time.
by loveswords2 January 19, 2012
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