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A male Asian, usually of Korean descent, with long hair, a.k.a lettuce, often found near a beach with his surf board trying to look good for the ladies. When not at the beach he may be found playing COD for hours usually yelling at the screen after every kill, working on his beach bod for the upcoming summer, playing lacrosse with fellow lax bros occasionaly ripping g's (goals), or looking at and fixing his lettuce in the mirror. A surflaxcodninjabro also has experience with karate and may in fact be dangerous despite his pretty boy appearance.
That surflaxcodninjabro has been fixing his hair in the mirror for almost an hour.

I can hear that annoying surflaxcodninjabro playing COD from all the way down the hall.

I have heard the story of how the surflaxcodninjabro ripped his first g in lacrosse ten times already and he just scored it two hours ago.
by nevils crew May 13, 2010
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