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A psychotic, often egotistical, whore who has fucked all your friends and/or has a weird obession with you and your dick. Will refuse the idea that she's a whore, even though she can be fisted (to which her defence is "a lot of girls can be fisted") and sleeps with any guy that has a dick and a heartbeat. She will claim she is "sexually adventerous" and "sexually open" while claiming that there's a difference between being a whore and liking sex with multiple partners.

Superwhores usually have an undeserved sense of self-worth and think that they are unbelievably good looking. Superwhores will fuck anyone either because they're asked to or because they need to fuck everyone that they know.

You can spot a superwhore's vagina from a mile away, mainly due to the fact that their pussy is like a black hole. Be careful when fucking a superwhore, as their vagina is so big you can probably go spelunking in it. For added precaution, make sure you strap a 2x4 to your ass just so you don't fall in.
"Stacy" is a superwhore, she fucked the entire football team before getting pounded by four guys at the same time. "Stacy" claims she's wholesome, however her vagina has its own postal code and she has had more dick in her than a urinal. Why does she still deny that she's a whore? She is one twisted bitch.
by Siobhan the anti-whore February 09, 2009
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A Super Whore, as explained by pornstar Sophie Dee, is "someone who does everything, doesn't complain, gets bum fucked by two huge fucking cocks, rammed up there ass hole, and they can take it like a champ"
Dude, Sophie Dee is a total Super Whore
by GEORDIES=SCUM June 15, 2011
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Tommy: damn that bitch is such a super whore

Timmy: yeah i know she would fuck anything
by pimp636 August 08, 2009
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When your baby daddy sees you with 3 different men in a two week period of time.
"I just seen my baby mama with another dude."

"Ain't that the third one this week?"

"That bitch is a super whore!!!!!"
by somebody's baby mama December 27, 2006
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Highest attainable level of ho...
Oh thats Shay, she's J. Li's Super-Whore
by J Shay Li June 29, 2018
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