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A super-coherent state within the symmetry of condensed matter physics that is the direct sum of all the matrices of the orbit.


The Paradign of Ergodic Theory Dynamics to prospect multiple sources in real time to include the steller, celestial, and extra-terrestial spectrum from the condensed sum of all the matrices of the query orbit until a return to the orginal equiprobable state.
A superorbit contains a set of dynamic fields.

To explain how to get such a proof by use of superorbits, which were introduced such that for every point z = (x, y) in A, we define
V−(z) = {x} × (−∞, y, V+(z) = {x} × y,+∞).
A sequence (zi)0≤i≤n in A is a superorbit if F(zi) ∈ V+(zi+1), for every i ∈ {0, . . . , n − 1}.
by dissertation August 25, 2011
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