A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for extreme emphasis or effect, the more exaggerated version of hyperbole.
I am so angry I could fly 10 planes into a building or This book weighs more than oprah... and not thin oprah!
by Mwa Ha Ha February 15, 2005
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a word that i did not make up even though chris thinks so
chris: back
jenna: superbolous
chris: but I'm gonna watch a movie then get some sleep...
chris: superbolous!?
jenna: yessss
chris: thats a fantabulous word
jenna: at least its a real word unlike fantabulous
chris: are you sure?
chris: I think you mixed superb and fabulous
jenna: nope its real
jenna: god i thought you were smart
by jhame March 20, 2007
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