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noun - some kind of super santa clause. It is very powerful, and yet very mysterious. No one fully understands the true nature of Super Clause. Perhaps it is the transformation that Santa must make in order to survive and perform his christmas job at unreal speeds while being so fat. Or perhaps santa means super, so they are synonyms. No one truely knows.
Jill: "OMG!!!!! Super Clause!"
Hillary: "What the!!!!!!!1 OMG!11 I missed it!"
Fred: "Hillary, you are not as hot as Hillary Duff, so I am dumping you. Again."
Hillary: "DAMN YOU SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!111"
Moral of this story? Don't redate people who dump you constantly. It's obvious they can't decide, and wil change their minds again and again.
by Can Not June 06, 2005
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