The self-proclaimed headiest of the heady hipsters/hippies/trustafarii/dubsteppers/etc . . . self-righteous, image based, shallow, extremely culture-conscious festival goers or marijuana growers. They Generally reside in the West, especially Santa Rosa, Bend, Eugene, the state of Colorado, N. Cali, and up into BC with special attention given to Kelowna and Nelson and a growing number in Missoula, MT. Generally a transplant form a larger area where their ego is not allowed to strangle the canopy.

Middle to upper class, 19-35 YO. A large number of Superdanks will artificially elevate themselves from the pack through custom made, frequently changing religious and/or dietary choices.
Naw, they're Superdanks. Maybe they don't eat kale this week, and our wine choice will insult their god(s)(esses). She's going to want to spin fire in the backyard, even though it's only ten by ten, and their pitbull will shit on the patio. I haven't cleansed the obsidian recently, the bong cost under $300, wasn't handblown-- and may not be spotless. I don't want to hear the same stories about Nepal. or India. or Thailand. or Costa Rica all over again. And she's going to leave a trail of peacock or other feathers and/or glitter for me to pick up later. And then we can't invite David and Yvonne over b/c they have kids, and Sumeria and Ben-I feel weird about children.
by justBeeeeee June 30, 2011
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