meaning how are u doing my african-american freind
sup to all my nigga'sin the clib
by cj foshizzle May 5, 2005
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A statement made by Ed from "Shaun of the Dead" that can make the most tight-mouthed b@sterds crack a smile. To be used whether addressee is African American or not.
A man rolls his window down when he see's some teens.

"Sup niggas!"
by Xel'Naga April 5, 2005
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Saying hello to a another male friend.
Jonathan: "hey Buddy, How are you today?"

Terell: "Sup Nigga!"
by AJV October 6, 2007
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A common greeting between two niggers

However if a white person uses the exact same
phrase when greeting a nigger, they are highly

1st. Nigger: Yo Sup Nigga?

2nd. Nigger: Hey Bro, Sup wit you nigga?
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 11, 2008
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