quite possibly the most toxic school in the beaverton school district! Majority are white and asian and it’s really not diverse. The PTO consists of rich white moms probably naked Karen. Most kids here are rich and already own a tesla as a teenager. their rivals are Westview high school and southridge high school. We have the worst mascot, Apollo’s.We also super basic and have the worst assemblies! so please! save us!
mom what’s the worst high school?
Honey it’s sunset high school!
by poopybutt! January 16, 2020
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Located in Encinitas, California "Sunset Highschool" has an array of subjects for students to excell in such as Integrated Math 1, I'm Already Pregnat 101, I'm Probally gonna be locked up again soon, I Rather smoke weed and watch netflix than attend highschool, and Video Film.
Dad: Have you checked out the new netflix orginals
Me: Mom, next year can I transfer to Sunset High School
by daddy-i-love-you December 11, 2017
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gay ass school full of gay ass niggas and treesh ass thots with bummy ass teachers. My nigga don’t go here. Small ass mexican niggas finna stab you over some dumb shit to make themselves look cool and the girl you just fucked gave you 14 STDs and you got a week and a half left to live
Ayo i heard you go to sunset park high school now”
oh yea i do”
gay ass nigga
by A Shmoney August 18, 2021
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