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One of the best looking Korean dudes you'll ever find. Prefers Asian girls, but also very interested in European girls. Hates action movies, and all movies that are not comedy movies or involve investment banking. Born to be a business man one day. When something isn't graded, he won't take it serious. Very handsome, dark haired, attracts all the Asian girls around him. A very good style, and a very good knowledge about fashion brands. Very concerned about his looks, specifically his hair, for which he will travel long distances to get it cut. Preferable nickname is "Wookie". A very likable person, who easily makes friendships, and includes all people.

Wookie is just a dude you'll never forget.
Svenja: (Sungwook) Wookie is a freakin hot smokin dude, I wanna eat him like I eat my dog food!

Svenja: I just came back from this conference, and this hot dude was in my committee and he's just so handsome and pretty... That must be a Wookie
by Wookieisthecookie December 17, 2013
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