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Sexy and independent. A very cool girl with amazing eyes who makes everyone laugh. Once you meet her, you will want to be her friend right away. She is super cute and very good-looking. She has amazing music, clothes, food, boys, everything. Every boy secretly wishes that she could be his girlfriend...mainly because everyone knows that she likes commitment and will be faithful...mainly because she is sweet and knows how to treat a man... mainly because she is forgiving and will repeatedly forgive the ones she loves most no matter how much she is hurt....mainly because however strange and weird she may be, she's perfect. She is hilarious and horny and amazing in bed. She is also very good at hiding her problems and will put on a fake smile and keep everything to herself. She finds it difficult to open up to just anyone and can be socially awkward. Overall, the most perfect girl you will come across unique and classy along with a perfect figure and an even better bank accoun
t with a smile that is rare but beautiful enough to light up the entire world.
"Wow I wish I could date sunbal"

"Back off she's mine!"
by Thecoolestpersonever January 06, 2014
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