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a small town high school consisting of a shit ton of spoiled white bitches a handful of pothead mexicans and about two black people. the cheerleaders and anyone who lives on lake tapps plus anyone they associate with run the the school. however i’d still give the school and overall 6/10 because the parties on lake tapps are some of if not the best parties there is and it’s very easy to get the girls at those parties to do whatever you want as long as your attractive.
you see that blonde bimbo over there, yeah that’s a sumner high school cheerleader
dudeee i went to this party on tapps last night and there was this hot sumner girl and it was so easy to get her upstairs
by scooterbitch April 21, 2019
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The shittiest school in Washington state. It is filled with sluts, jerks, niggz, ugly, beautiful, crackers, goth, emo, scene, posers, sk8ers, and best of all ASIANS!! This school is the largest place for Goths, Emos, Scene kids to be. The teachers are assholes and the Assistant Princables smoke crack. Only a few people are cool. No one is the most popular at this school.
"I go to Sumner High School!" - Jane
"Are you an asian?" - Mark
"No." - Jane
"Then you aren't cool." - Mark

"Konnichiwa." - Kyla.
"Konnichiwa!" - Erick.

"Oh asians, let's be friends with them so everyone will like us!" - New kid.
"Okay!" - Other new kid.
by JennyJealousyy March 13, 2009
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