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It seems that anybody has propose yet a definition for this word, so here I go. When I think about the word ''Summerish'' I obviously related to summer but how can I use it? For example, if you put orange, yellow, sky blue and maybe red together they are summerish colors, or what if you're in the middle of the winter and the sun shows up, then you'll think. Hey! This looks like a summerish weather. Its most similar word would be summer-like, right? But summerish (for me) sounds more appropiate when talking about things related to summer, like I said before... Sky blue, yellow, orange and red are summerish colors.
Teacher: Guys I want everyone to make a list of all summerish colors please
Charlie: Teacher I'm done! I wrote on my list the color yellow, red, orange, sky blue, pink and light green.
by albitw March 19, 2016
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