a person who is neither heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. they are not attracted to anyone but themselves, therefore, they jackoff a lot.
Fuck sex, I'm a suisexual! Vaginas and penises are GROSS!
by Dan and Amanda April 25, 2006
1. being sexually attracted to or
2. sexually active with the self
etymology: latin, sui- self; english~sexual
1. I swear my roommate is a suisexual. She just sits there in front of the mirror, obviously turned on by her own lingere clad body.
2.I dont have a girlfriend right now, so basically im just suisexual.
by genna buzz April 4, 2005
When one masterbates wildly till their death and or dies while having uncontrolable sexual intercourse. Also having unprotected sex with hookers.
MIKE: Hey Paul hows your dad been these days... PAUL: aw man, he died bro, he was suisexual, he always had his pecker in his hand tapping all kinds of bitches, not only did he go blind but he went out with a bang.
by the-bouncer August 9, 2011