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the gang call used by Bloods. It is pronounced several ways:
1. So-woop
2. Suh-woop (suh as in sun)
3. soo-woop (soo as in suit)

It can also be repeated to imitate the sound of a police car
(woop woop, swoop)
if you listen closely a police car may make a noise like "soo woop" and this may be where the Bloods derived the call.

If a Crip member hears the call, they are "required" to respond loudly with KILLA
It can also be a noun "he's a suhwoop, blood, don't fuck wit him."

it is a bastardiztion of "swoop"
the rival call if UH RIP meaning Crip

Blood member: WOOP WOOP!
Another blood: SUHWOOP!
Crip: It's them swoop bitches, cuzz. KILLA!
by skudge December 26, 2007
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A word Blood gang affiliates say to call out for bloods.
Five crips surround a blood.
"Suhwoop! Suhwoop! Suhwoop!", the blood says.
Fifteen bloods come out their houses to back him up.
by .:MENACE:. June 08, 2009
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