A girl that is able to get boyfriends only because of her father's money... Somewhat ok looking though because we all know men don't want a ugly, fat female
"Dude, why on earth would you want to date bethany?" Jim said to Joe.

"Because man, she is a total sugar mama." Joe replied.
by Edgar Allen Pimp August 07, 2009
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A woman who pays a man to spend time, do things for her, and or have sex in exchange for money. even if the man is married the sugar mama doesn't care. The man is so wrapped up in doing things for his sugar mama and the money she pays him he doesn't care if it destroys his relationship as he is being paid to do things he already does with his hotter wife and doesn't have to listen to the bitching. So he continues to do these things despite ripping his family apart and having sex with this gorilla looking being because he is making money off of it. When caught the man usually uses the excuse that the other woman needs help or has no one to justify what he is doing is ok.
She isn't my sugar mama I just take her to do things and she constantly pays me back in gifts and money to show her appreciation.
by Thegray123 December 29, 2017
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A sugar mama is a woman who may be unable to bare children who then hires young adults /people in their mid teens to be their children. They give allowances and gifts much like a sugar daddy but without the sexual aspects
My sugar mama has just invited me out on a shopping trip
by Urbanuser12 February 05, 2019
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