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A woman who takes care of a guy financially.
I am looking for a sugarmama to take care of me, so I can drink those cocktails by the pool
by JiHa July 04, 2006
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A woman (often an older woman) who holds her man/woman in nice standing with money, food, an apartment, etc. -- not always used in a derogatory fashion, or merely in exchange for sex, but because she can.
"Why can't I find me a nice sugar mama to take care of me?"
by suga mama December 26, 2004
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An older woman who you unofficially prostitute yourself out to in exchange of being taken care of financially in the form of gifts, housing, or other expenses
Kid 1: Damn that granny is gross
Kid 2: Yea, but it's worth it. My sugar mama covered my rent this month
by Hog36 February 05, 2018
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A distinguished species of older females who seek the company of younger males whilst avoiding the entanglements of a relationship, in favor of a lack of restrictions.

The sugar mama has overcome society’s proscribed behavior for women’s sexual behavior. Thus, embraces her true self and lives her life to its fullest. She know what she wants and isn’t afraid to hunt for it!

There are several species of sugar mama’s, but an insatiable sexual appetite and a lack of interest in marriage and other conventional romantic institutions are common to all.

I applied to be the boy toy of a hot Sugar Mama at
by January 08, 2008
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an older woman who buys extravagant gifts for a person and may/most likely will receive sexual favors, in return.
by Tammy April 06, 2004
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These are usually semi-professional caucasian women that are overweight and always have stringy hair and work in administrative positions. They usually have blue eyes and put on a ton of makeup. The black man is extremely attracted to these sugar mamas, as they refer to them, because they make a lot of money in comparison to the welfare ho's they left behind. The sugar mamas themselves are equally attracted to the black man, due to some kind of unfinished business with their fathers.
It looks like Ellen has gotten to be sugar mama again. When that black temp. brought her back from lunch she was walking funny. Every time he goes back to work she keeps wiggling her crossed legs and grunting.
by Running out of patience December 31, 2008
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