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the one person in the world that means everything to you. Every time you look in her eyes, you know that you see a sparkle, a shimmer of light, that no one else can see, and you pray to god she sees the same in yours. You can't help but smile when she walks in the room, and sometimes she makes you smile and laugh so much that it begins to hurt, but you can't help but keep smiling, cause you want her to know how happy she makes you. When your around her nothing seems to worry you and every ache and pain seems to disappear. She is amazing and special and the love of your life. When you look back, life seems so insignificant until she came into your life, and now you can't stop thinking about being with her. You'd do anything for her, you'd go anywhere for her, and you'd die for her.

I'd sell my soul to spend one more minute with my sugabuns
by Kyle Cameron January 25, 2007
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