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A name only given to the queen of thots. Someone who thinks January is better than March. What a nerd.
Damn, you're such a Suelyn. Living up to your name.
by kinkytwist November 02, 2017
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She is a very intelligent and caring person. She is a great mother she makes sure you are safe in any way. You would be very lucky to meet a Sue-Lyn they are really rare and great friends. They are great party throwers and stay up late almost every night. They find snakes loathsome and slimy. They are the craziest and love a cup of booze. They have lots of friends and a very talkative person. They love the colour purple. They are the most amazing people in the world! xxx
Person #1 : β€œWow, am I hungover!”
Person #2 : β€œHa, same!”
Person #3: β€œWhere were you two last night?!”
Person #1 & #2 β€œSue-lyn’s party! WOO!”
Person #3: β€œI’ve got to meet this β€˜Sue-lyn’!”
Person #1 & #2: β€œYeah, you do!”
Person #2: β€œLook at this FaceBook page.”
Person #3: β€œWHAT THE F***!
by Munro_Chloe109 April 24, 2019
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