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Sue-poofery is the art of actively seeking out homosexual men, and finding some way of sueing them. It is not a very well-known art, but is commonly used by many homophobics as a way to make gays' lives less enjoyable.
However, sue-poofery can also be a coincidence, and the person sueing may not even be aware of the other's sexuality.
On top of this, someone may sue a gay man and it could have nothing to do with that gay man's sexuality.
1)Craig - So, what did you do last night?
Daniel - Oh not much, just got up to some sue-poofery.

2)Jeremy - Dude, I just totally sued Tom Cruise for hitting me with his car!
Bob - jeremy, you do know you just commited sue-poofery, don't you!!?

3)Becca - Stuart stole money from me again! There's gonna be some serious sue-poofery for this!
Peter - It isn't even a real word!!!!
by Bedeb Aibcad April 19, 2008
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