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A kind of a computer geek. Born genius. Extremely intellectual and smart. Usually learns quantum physics by the age of 12 and uses this knowledge helping huge companies fix flaws in their system. No computer language is unknown to him/her. This person has and will continue to change the world and is a gift to all of mankind.
GUY1: I met this guy who is one of the smartest people I've met.
GUY2: Oh, he must be a Sudarshan!
by superMonstor February 27, 2016
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A man(most of the time), who is a particular kind of dog. Some common words used to describe a Sudarshan are: stingy, annoying & wannabe.
Common characteristics include:

1) Tries to act like Jeremy Clarkson (POWERR!)
2) A4 (Drives it as less as humanly possible)
3) Negative
4) Extremely good kisser (as told to us by his boyfriends)
5) Wants a fridge
Also our sources let us know he knows nothing about brakes.
Girl 1: " I met this guy who was so amazing! He knew exactly how much money i had in the bank, just by looking at my teeth! We are going for dinner tomorrow."
Girl 2: "Oh... So you met a Sudarshan?"
by sud-onym February 05, 2014
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talks to 6 girls at once and claims to have hoes. plays basketball and sings but honestly sucks. the boy with the big ass ego.
person 1: he thinks he’s top shit
person 2: that’s because he’s sudarshan
by thottherapist November 02, 2019
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