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Sucrets DM
They come in a pack of 18 and have 15mgs of dextromethorphan in each pill(total dxm in a pack 270mgs can be bought from your local drugstore for less than 3 bucks, a insanely intense drug for the price. there normally used to supress coughs( which is usefull for phat bong hits) the first few taste like those nasty witch candies you get on halloween but nobody ever eats them, then near the end of the pack its exremely hard cuz it feels like your stomach is coated in plastic, but if you do you will look like your on the most hardcore drugs, cuz your eyes will be completly bugged out and dialated for like 2 days, and you pretty much look like your dieing,
Lets go down to sobeys and pick up some sucrets, then take phat bong hits and play gta in eds garage thinking were in the cayman islands!!
by dxmisfuked August 26, 2006
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When you give head to someone that you're too embarrassed to tell your friend about
Rather than studying, Monica found it helped to hand out sucrets to her Comp Sci 101 class.

"Hey Becky, please don't share any of my deep dark sucrets with any of our coworkers...they don't need to know I'm a hoe fo sho until the Christmas party."
by chaschaschas April 17, 2019
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