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A person that partakes in the sucking of poop. The poop that is sucked originates from the suckpoop themselves, or from other people/animals. The suckpoop can choose to simply suck on said poop, or they may ultimately decide to consume it so it does not go to waste. Certain suckpoops are very picky about what types of poop they will suck, some going so far as refusing to suck their own poop. It is commonplace for a suckpoop to smell and inspect poop before sucking to be sure it is of the desired odor, color and consistency.
You: Remember Jimmy Jiggins from high school?

Me: Yeah, he's a total suckpoop now.

You: What the hell is a suckpoop??

Me: A suckpoop is a person who partakes in the sucking of poop.
by metal slug July 11, 2010
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