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A narcissistic and incompetent person in a leadership position who habitually lies to superiors, brags to peers, and threatens subordinates. A Sucko the Clown is usually diaganosed as psychopathic during a mental health evaluation.
Sucko the Clown completely botched the last print job, blamed it on the new hire, bullied the crew to keep quiet about it, and then boasted all through the staff meeting about his abilities and expertise.
by '52 Broadcaster September 21, 2006
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Know best for his utterly anticlimactic magic tricks; his not very funny jokes, and the ability to piss off just about anyone yet managing to gain applause at the end of his act. Sucko the Clown ruled the underground Vaudeville and Cabaret circuit from 1995 to 2001. Then literally vanished off the face of the earth. It was rumored that he became a Mexican Luchador by the name of Don Bobby Oso El Piaso Supremo and then later a boxer. But these are rumors.
Did you see Sucko the Clowns act last nite at La Val's sucked.
by Unfamous clowns April 06, 2007
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