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A US Military term for a special kind of upper-torso wound (usually combat related) caused mostly by bullet-projectiles or sharpnel, which punctures/damages the lungs/chest cavity in such a way as to create an amazing (but often fatal) condition whereas the victim is in essence breathing air(inhaling & exhaling)through the hole in his chest. It's rare, but if you ever get a chance to see one, it's pretty darn cool.
Note: To treat this wound, one waits for the poor sucker to exhale, then covers the wound with a piece of platic. As the victim inhales (sucks-in) hopefully the air-sucking pulls the plastic tight into the wound and forms sort of a rudimentary air-locking seal.
We've got to get Sanchez to the crashwak ASAP; poor bastard's got himself a sucking-chest-wound.
by goodcop8 December 09, 2006
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