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A: Know any good jokes?
B: Yeah. A young man got a new job at a funeral home preparing bodies for burial. On his first day his boss explained that he would just need to watch and learn but he could begin by undressing the body while the boss went in another room to prepare. After a few minutes the young man burst into the room where the boss was and exclaimed, "Boss! That woman has a shrimp stuck in her vagina!". The boss was shocked "No way! I've gotta see this.". So they both went to see the body and the young man pointed "You see...". The boss chuckled to himself. "That's no shrimp. That's a clitoris". The young man, was confused. "A clitoris? Well it sure tasted like shrimp!"
A: Haha gross. I didn't expect that. Good sucker punch line.
by Jibberish Defined August 27, 2018
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A line you say to someone to put them off gard before you sucker punch them.
Among the lines are,ever hear of an old man by the name of?, I droped my card could you get it for me?, Your fly's open, your shoe's untied.
I almost fell for that sucker punch line.
by Deep Blue 2012 September 10, 2009
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