One of the best things you can say to someone who has dug themselves a nice, deep hole, and has fallen right into it.
"Shit. I didn't think anyone would tell her I said that!"
"Well, they did, so suck it up buttercup"
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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Person A: This shit sucks. My legs are sore, my back is sore, and here I gotta wake up at five a.m.

Now that my bike got stolen a few days ago, I have to walk 2.5 miles to my job as a postman, and then - in the course of my job - walk about 12 miles, only to walk home to make it an even five miles of commuting by foot per day. That is 17 miles five days per week. To make no mention of the weight of the mail I must carry up and down countless flights of stairs (I am including things such as big ass boxes (like when people move by mail)) and fucking ikea catalogs (which everyone gets once per year, and they weigh a ton) in the rain snow heat or cold or anything else .

Person b: Suck it up buttercup

-Synonymous: "Cowboying up."
by Person A and B December 12, 2015
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