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When one individual/several individuals grow weary of a party they presently attending; they may choose to create a "sub party" in order to make up for lack of entertainment of the former party. It is basically, a party within a party. Except, it is more exclusive to the superior partygoers, i.e, not everyone is invited. (which, ergo, may make the party more appealing to outsiders, which is a part of the formula for an amazing party. because everyone wants to be invited.)

In addition, members of the sub party have the ability to take (or steal) as much materials from the former party as they would like, in order to create an even more stable sub party. (i.e, booze, party hats, animals, whatever comes across as acceptable for the sub party and it's guest. The advantage of this, is it's cost. which is ultimately free. Awesome, right?)
Unimpressed Partygoer #1: "This party is losing my interest by the second."
Unimpressed Partygoer #2:"I agree, let's create a sub party."
Unimpressed Partygoer #1:"All right. I'll grab the booze, you the ladies, and met you on the second floor, room 118."
Unimpressed Partygoer #2: "Solid."
by Michelle Huntzberger August 19, 2008
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