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your son is a little stynker

omg! that was a great prank... you're a little stynker.
by beeman124 May 17, 2008
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Stynk used to be the maximum tier insult for those who refuse to speak a swear word, instead, they replace a curse word with stynk. However, in recent months "Stnk" was invented to reach an even more divine level of insult. Stynk, is utilized like "Fudge" in examples like, "What the Fudge!". The user will tend to replace a curse with "stynk", which reaches the highest level of insult due to it utilizing the questionable vowel: "y". The level of stink evolution is as follows:
1. Stink
2. Stunk
3. Stank
4. Stenk
5. Stonk
6. Stynk
7. Stnk

All these levels of Stink can be utilized as nouns or adjectives which makes them truly insulting.
You are such a stynk!

Mikey looks like a stynk

*Stubs toe* What the STYNK!
by Kamkeel February 20, 2019
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