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Physically Aryan according to Nazi German standards, these non-Jewish Caucasian American male imbeciles are easily excited and/or stupefied with alcoholic liquor and epitomize the archetypal unscrupulous salesman.

Frequently, these boozehounds, infatuated by speed through cars, boats, money and loose underage women, tend to become habitual driving offenders at relatively young ages and suffer from bouts of driver’s license suspension throughout their lifetimes.

Every now and again, by masquerading as competent businessmen, these types successfully lure ambitious, unsuspecting college graduates into unorganized incorporated partnerships ending in pecuniary loss.
Looped and loaded, realizing his commercial dealings had failed, the stupid Coletti, inept businessman extraordinaire, decided to flee the country with aspirations of setting up a hedge fund in Costa Rica, only to have his ambitions thwarted, pulled over for speeding on the way to the airport.”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 01, 2006
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