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Knowing a lot of things, procedures, processes, theories and words because they have seen them or heard of them and roughly knows what they are about. Thus, they act really arrogant and become know-it-alls or clever dicks. They talk without hesitant and doubt, like they are experts on the matters. And when real-life situations arise, they talk out their full arsenal of knowledge but cannot deliver results. They will most probably rely on the help of other people who are truly skilled in the field or fail epicly.
Boss: Our server is down again. Some staff cannot access it. Can you check?
Tech guy: OK... let me see...

(after a while)

Tech guy: Problem solved.
Boss: OK. Next time, you need to check whether the ODBC is stable. Or maybe the .NET framework is not running properly. I hope the MSSQL database is not corrupted. Maybe we should upgrade our network OS to support better packet segmentation in the OSI layers.
Tech guy: OK... (WTF is he talking about... it's just the server side program that was not running... What stupelligence...
by EastViceroy November 20, 2011
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