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Someone who is allegedly paid off by the studio system to give films, television shows, albums, etc. positive feedback and/or glowing reviews on internet forums and websites. The purpose of this is to spread artificial positive word-of-mouth in order to generate publicity. Also commonly referred to as a "shill."

Or more commonly: A label used by trolls and haters on the internet in a misguided attempt to discredit people who disagree with their negative views on a film, television show, album, etc. Essentially, the troll/hater, unable to process the fact that someone might actually like the thing they hate so much, will accuse the person who disagrees with them of being a "studio plant" (following the definition above), even though it's basically never true. It's easier for their feeble minds to pretend that the other person was paid off by a big studio, rather than acknowledge their differing opinion.
Pete couldn't wait to write a review online for the new Schwarzenegger action movie, because he thought it was awesome! However, after posting his review, he was accused of being a "studio plant" by someone who didn't like the film.
by TeddyStix April 16, 2014
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