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a mum that takes stuart to the movies or any other place on an occasion. stuarts mum is a mum that will allow stuart to do n e thin, watch any movie aslong as it with her.

There could also be a stuart item, staurt n e thin. Something that stuart has is a stuart item which is declared after stuart has bought or purchased the item or product.

friend: do u want to come for mi 20th birthday on da wkend?

Stuart: yeah sure

day of party....

ringing alreadi started

Friend:hey stuart where are you??...arent you comin??

Stuart: sorry im busy!

Friend: i thought you said you could make it??

Stuart: yeah sorry i forgot i had to go to the cinemas with my mum.

Friend: wats rong wit u i told you two wks earlier, plus im turnin 20...20 man, i cant believe your not here.

Stuart: sorry..maybe next time!

Friend: theres no nxt time for a 20th or fo any otha age!

Stuart: oh wel...

Friend: what you mean ohh wel..FAR-OUT!

Hung up.........

stuarts mum is a mum that is....... lol
by urban hippie August 25, 2006
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