Any person who's exterior is tough and doesn't show emotion but secretly inside is soft like a pillow.
(While watching a sad movie)
Person A(crying): This is so sad how are you not crying?
Peraon B(clearly fighting back tears): Emotions are for the weak!
Person A: Oh, you're a strong boi aren't you!
by StrongestSusan January 22, 2019
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When a guy likes a girl so much, he starts talking a little gay. #uwu
Chad: "My feelings for you aren't frail, they're strong boi feelings."
by zafirabeth June 3, 2020
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Strong Island Boys (SIB) were (or still are?) a gang from Long Island that reached their apex in the late 1980's and early 90's. They died down upon the arrival of the Crypts, Bloods, and MS13. The leader of the gang at their height of infamy was "Archie," with his name tattooed on the inside of his Labium inferioris. Just like other gangs, they originated from minority neighborhoods of the region where crime was higher, preying on their recruits from all classes of The Island: wealthy, upper, middle, lower-middle, lower. Again, their initiation wasn't much different from other gangs, as the initiate would get blitzed (or not), then beaten by his boys (and girls) until the pain and damage was rendered as severe ( a sign of the initiate's loyalty)-- or the initiate would be required to perform a serious crime while his boys looked on, such as: slash, beat, taunt a stranger with a weapon or hands, stealing something expensive and that is deemed risky, or harass/molest a female.
Hey, you been to the The Island, you ever seen any of those Strong Island Boys?
by Harry Stotle January 19, 2008
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