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Any situation, common in Yuppie infested urban areas, where strollers clog and block any progress into restaurants, onto subways and elevated trains, through park paths, sidewalks, etc. This is the result of affluent, clueless, inconsiderate breeders with small children and $400.00 strollers who think they own all public spaces and can therefore slowly push their giant strollers anywhere and in any direction in the middle of any doorway they please in complete oblivion as to the the existence of other, non stroller pushing people.

Could also be called "stroller block."
I tried to ride my bike down the path today, but it was a total stroller party and I had to ride on the grass.

We went to brunch at (fill in the blank) but it was a total stroller party so we went to (any place less likely to attract strollers and their vile pushers).
by Dickie Bundle September 17, 2010
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