A game in the vein of strip poker, where the goal is to lose as little clothing as possible. Play follows the standard Scrabble rules, with the following modifications:

- A player who cannot score higher than the previous player must remove an article of clothing.
- If a player 'challenges' a word and wins, he can put an article of clothing back on; if he loses, he must remove an article of clothing.
- The winner may make any one request of the losing players.

It is suggested that players agree on the definition of 'article of clothing' before play commences.
I played strip Scrabble with some of the language majors over at Wellesley the other night. Didn't go so well for me.
by Eleglac January 15, 2007
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A variation of strip poker.

-At the end of each round, the lowest scoring player takes off an article of clothing
-Any player who spells a dirty word may choose someone else to take off an article of clothing, and is exempt from taking off anything him/herself, should the word have the lowest score in that round
-At the end of the game, there is a possibility that there are two winners. Let's say one person is a really good Scrabble player and another just spells dirty words the entire game but doesn't really rack up the points. In the case that there is High Score winner and a Most Clothed winner, the two winners must make out.
Strip Scrabble is the game of choice for intelligent hot people.
by Indigo Nicole April 20, 2007
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To play scrabble, during which your opponent removes a piece of their clothing for each 25 points you play. (If your playing with 4 players, you might want to up that. Or not. It's up to you.) Possibly the nerdiest way to get naked.
Hey Chelsea, you want to come over and play strip scrabble?
by Wildcat08 July 12, 2006
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