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An undefinable god-like person dwelling in a dark, trance-like state of mind, who revels in challenges.
Striker scilently yet lethally put down her opponent from the shodows before scanning the scene for his next victim.


Meaning a terrifying beast that lurks in the woods or forest land seeking on whom to kill next in line of sight.


Is a person who has powers of a shawman and a shapeshifter with God like powers to seek those who threaten others and she protects those who don’t cause harm to others. in a white wolf form.

She is also known as Luna a Moon Goddess and a protector of the moon . Also known as myth . Luna has a mate named Darkwolf. Who shifts into a black wolf by night and caused many to run. In fear of him . He is known as a myth as well very powerful with God like powers and grows stronger every day with each passing moon same as Strikerwolf: the white wolf. She has a nick name which is luna .

Again luna is a moon godess

Strikerwolf is lunas sister
Whatch out for strikerwolf she is very deadly. And hides in the shadows
by Strikerwolf March 30, 2018
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